Natumeric Plus

Natumeric Plus

Natural Growth Enhancer

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Natumeric Plus

Natumeric Plus

Natumeric Plus replaces antibiotic (CTC, Tylosin Phosphate etc) in feed. Curcumin stimulates the digestive system by promoting the intestinal lipase, maltase and sucrose activities as well as the secretion of pancreatic amylase, lipase, chymotrypsin and trypsin. Improves performances and nutrient utilisation.

Enhancing efficiency of immune system. Prevents bacterial infections and helps to achieve extra growth. Reducing incidence of diarrhoea and lowering mortality rate. Reducing environmental pollution. Maintains the liver health of birds.

Recommended Dosage

5 kg / ton of feed - It easily replaces the soya - 2 kg and oil - 3 kg in feed and antibiotic.
1 to 2 Ltr of Naturmeric Plus Liquid / 1000 Ltr water


Liquid: 3 Kg
Power: 25 Kg HDPE Pack

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