A Unique Blend in Trace Mineral Nutrition for Modern Bird

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Role of trace minerals in MAK-MIN on poultry health and performance. Manganese - Maintains normal growth, bone formation, egg shell quality, immunological and reproduction function. Zinc - Maintains skin quality, bone formation, immunity, egg shell quality, role in protein synthesis, appetite & metabolism. Copper - Component of antioxidant enzyme cofactor, role in elastin and collagen synthesis. Iodine - Component of thyroxine and plays an important role in nutrient metabolism. Iron - Component of haemoglobin and cofactor of different enzymes.

Selenium - Antioxidant, enhances fertility, immunity, meat quality, reduces stress and improves efficiency. Organic Chromium - Role in lipid metabolism, enhances meat quality and reduces stress.

Recommended Dosage

Broilers and layers: 1 kg / ton of feed


1 kg pack & 25 Kg Bag

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