Effective Fat Mobiliser

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Fat mobiliser are used in poultry nutrition especially in layers for improving fat metabolism laying capability and enhances digestibility. The selection of natural and synthetic sources is based on their activity in fat mobilisation process.

In layers after age of 40 weeks laying the abdominal fat deposition increases. The increases abdominal fat leads the risk of prolapse in layer birds. Due to which egg production decreases. Hence balanced supplementation of nutrition along with Choline Chloride, Vitamin B12, Vitamin C and other synthetic component which is responsible for hydrolysis of lipids and produces FA which are water soluble help the hands metabolise fat more efficiently.

LIPOLYSE-L can be use to improve fat metabolisability and energy efficiency. As a result, balanced lower energy diet can be formulated for birds meanwhile maintaining the same performance leading to lower feed cost anymore economical and sustainable production. LIPOLYSE-L facilitate the formation of fat emulsifying droplets which lower down the surface tension (Asraf, 2007), stimulates the micelles causes high levels of monoglycerides in the intestine and facilities the nutrient transport throughout the membrane.

Recommended Dosage

Broiler/Layer: 500gms/ton of feed


25Kg Bag

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