Allivisat Liq (Garlic Extract)

Allivisat Liq (Garlic Extract)

King of Medicinal Plant and Natural Feed Supplement

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Allivisat Liq (Garlic Extract)

Allivisat Liq (Garlic Extract)

Internationally garlic is used for food, as medicine in livestock and human Pharma. Freshly crushed garlic contains allicin, alliin, diallylsulfide, dithiin, S-allylcysteine as active ingredients. Allivisat Liq is a natural feed supplement in poultry.

Allicin (diallyl thiosulfinate): It is major bioactive compound in garlic. It is formed when garlic is chopped or crushed, thereby causing the allinase enzyme present in the garlic to convert alliin to allicin.

Recommended Dosage

For routine disinfection - 5 ml / 1 Ltr (along with QAC, phenols and glutaraldehyde), 10 ml / 1 Ltr water used separately.
For drinking water - 0.5ml / Ltr water for 5 days
In Feed: 250 g / ton of feed


1 Ltr & 5 Ltr

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