Dedicated to Advancing Animal Health
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Dedicated to Advancing Animal Health

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Zenmak Global

Zenmak global is a leading global animal health company whose mission is to improve the health and performance of animals, aquaculture and pets through scientific innovation. Zenmak emphasis is in research, development, manufacture and marketing of innovative value-added products and services of highest quality at competitive price.

Zenmak emphasis is on Research and Development and has state-of-the-art manufacturing facilities, modern built R&D units and well equipped Quality Control Laboratory. The technologists in the group are very much industry oriented, and have the experience to truly listen to and understand their customers' requirements.

The key competitive strengths of Zenmak are its highest standards for scientific research excellence, business ethics, work ethic and customer service with an aid of an experienced management team, which has a record of accomplishment in the animal health industry.

Zenmak as a process for continuous development undertakes field trials of new and existing products to validate and support future development, which is increasingly, research driven.

Zenmak strongly believes that to remain effective in an increasingly competitive market, it must stay at the forefront of developments and offer products and services, which consumers trust and believe to be value for money.

Zenmak recognize the reality of the fast changing world of today, the challenges it faces and with a staunch belief that the only guarantee of success is to offer Value through Innovation coupled high quality products and services.

Zenmak Global Presence

Global Presences

We are headquartered in Bern city of Switzerland, Zenmak has more than 500 employees and have 20 production facilities strategically positioned across the globe and three bioscience centres, dedicated to research and education. Besides the headquarters in Switzerland, Zenmak has offices in Malaysia, Philippines, Thailand, Indonesia, Taiwan, Germany and South Africa.

  • 500+Employees
  • 7+Branches
  • 20+Production
  • 30+Bio Science
Zenmak Vision

Our Vision

Our vision is to become the Leadership in knowledge enabled Animal Health and Nutrition by

  • Providing high quality
  • Affordable
  • Cost effective products and services
  • Strive to bring out the best for our clients and to be the unique
  • Trustworthy leader in global livestock sector and forefront in the study
  • Research and adoption of technologies that improves feed efficiency and food safety
Zenmak Vision

Our Mission

Zenmak work synergistically with the customers to satisfy their needs and expectations with the Best available products and solutions. We plan to achieve this success by considering the customer first, followed by our supplies and allies and then ourselves. We plan to achieve this by fostering a continuous improvement in our systems, people, product and processes with innovation at the core.